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URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses Review

URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses Review
URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses

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Navigating the roads after dark can be challenging, especially with the glare of oncoming headlights and the reduced visibility conditions inherent to night-time driving. That’s where night vision driving glasses come into play, designed to cut glare and improve clarity. URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses have entered the market with the promise of enhancing night-time driving safety and comfort. With an array of features such as polarized yellow HD lenses, fit-over design, and wrap-around style, they have caught the attention of drivers who often find themselves behind the wheel in the dark.

However, it’s essential to weigh these glasses against other available options to ensure you find the right pair that meets your night-time driving needs. In this context, we’ll explore some alternative night-driving glasses, each with unique specifications, to help you make an informed decision. Whether it’s the classic aviator design with NASA-developed lens technology or the modern aluminum alloy frames with adjustable features, there’s a range of products to suit diverse preferences and requirements. Let’s delve into the specifics and see how each stands up to the critical demands of night vision enhancement for drivers.  

URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses Review: Our Comprehensive Guide to Reviews and Buying Information

Driving at night brings a unique set of challenges, with reduced visibility and intense glare from oncoming traffic, often leading to eye strain and increased risk of accidents. The URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses claim to address these issues with their specialized lenses and design. This review will provide an in-depth look at what these glasses offer.

Features and Benefits:

  • HD Night Vision Lens: Explore how the polarized yellow-tinted lenses with an anti-reflective coating can reduce glare and enhance clarity for safer night driving.
  • Fit Over Design: Discuss the convenience of wearing these glasses over prescription lenses, catering to those with visual impairments without compromising their existing eyewear.
  • Wrap-Around Style: Analyze the ergonomic design that offers a snug fit and the added benefit of peripheral vision protection.
  • High-Quality Materials: Evaluate the durability and comfort of the TR90 frame, shatterproof TAC lenses, and the sturdy internal metal hinge structure.
  • Versatile Use: Consider the effectiveness of these glasses in various low-light conditions like fog, rain, and overcast weather.

Considerations Before Buying:

  • Size and Fit: Guidance on how to measure your prescription glasses to ensure these fit them comfortably.
  • Lens Tint: Understand the implications of the yellow tint during different driving conditions and times of day.
  • Glare Reduction vs. Elimination: Clarify realistic expectations regarding the extent of glare reduction provided.
  • Daytime Use: Discuss the suitability of these glasses for daytime driving and highlight any potential risks.


  • Performance Analysis: Share firsthand experience regarding the glasses’ effectiveness in real-world nighttime driving scenarios.
  • Comfort and Wearability: Consider the long-term comfort of wearing these glasses, especially on extended drives.
  • Style and Aesthetics: Comment on the design and appearance, as this may be an important factor for some users.
  • Value for Money: Evaluate whether the benefits and features justify the cost compared to standard driving glasses and competitors.
  • Customer Feedback: Incorporate a summary of what other users say, noting any recurring praise or complaints.

By examining the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses across these categories, this guide aims to provide potential buyers with a thorough understanding of the product, ensuring they can make a purchase that aligns with their needs and expectations.

Detailing About URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses

The URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses combine elegance, functionality, and comfort to improve low-light driving. Precision-crafted, these glasses fit a wide range of facial features for a snug and secure fit. From the width of the outside frame to the height of the lenses to shield the eyes, the design is ergonomic.

The brand’s CE-certified polarized lenses reduce glare and improve vision during nighttime and inclement weather driving, demonstrating its commitment to quality and safety. These specs make the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses a must-have for nighttime drivers.


The provided dimensions offer a detailed insight into the physical attributes of the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses. Here’s a breakdown of each measurement:

Outer Frame Width: Measured at 5.98 inches (152mm), this is the total horizontal measurement from one edge of the frame to the other, providing an idea of how wide the glasses are. It is important to understand how the glasses will fit across the face.

Nose Bridge Width: The bridge, at 0.63 inches (16mm), is the part of the glass that rests on the nose. This dimension is crucial for comfort and stability, ensuring the glasses sit well on different nose sizes without slipping.

Lens Width: Each lens is 2.40 inches (61mm) wide. This measurement indicates the size of the lenses themselves, affecting the range of vision and the area of coverage for eye protection.

Inter Frame Width: At 5.35 inches (136mm), this refers to the space within the frame where the lenses fit or the distance between the inside edges of the frame, which gives a sense of the interior width of the glasses.

Frame Height: The frame has a vertical height of 1.57 inches (40mm). This size contributes to the coverage the glasses provide, which is particularly important for blocking incoming light from above and below the lens.

Lens Height: At 1.50 inches (38mm), this is how tall each lens is. The height of the lenses ensures that they cover the eye vertically, providing adequate protection and visual clarity from top to bottom.

Temple Length: The length of the temples (the “arms” of the glasses) is 5.04 inches (128mm). This length is critical for a comfortable fit behind the ears, ensuring the glasses stay secure without pinching or discomfort.

Total Width: This is the overall width of the glasses, including the frame, measuring 5.98 inches (152mm), the same as the outer frame width. It is the end-to-end measurement and indicates how the glasses will fit across various face shapes and sizes.

CE Polarized: This indicates that the lenses comply with European safety standards for polarization. Polarized lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces, which can enhance visual clarity and reduce eye strain.

These measurements are key when determining the right fit, ensuring that the glasses will be comfortable for long periods, especially while driving at night, when proper fit and visual clarity are crucial for safety.

Specifications: URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses Review

The URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses are made specifically for people who need to drive at night or in low-light settings. These glasses improve visual clarity and cut down on glare. They are designed to be worn on top of prescription lenses and are marketed as providing comfort and enhanced visibility. This guide to the specifications of these night vision glasses includes information on the general specifications, unique features, and power requirements.

General Specifications:

  • Frame Material: Durable TR90 thermoplastic
  • Lens Material: TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose), 1.1mm thick
  • Frame Style: Available in multiple colors and styles, including wrap-around designs
  • Lens Properties: Polarized, yellow-tinted with anti-reflective coating
  • Fit Over Design: Compatible with most prescription glasses
  • Gender Suitability: Unisex design for both men and women
  • Weight: Approximately 3.2 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 6.18 x 2.76 x 1.77 inches

Special Features:

  • Glare Reduction: Lenses are optimized to reduce glare from headlights, streetlights, and other light sources at night.
  • Wrap-Around Coverage: Extended frame design to minimize peripheral light intrusion and increase the protective coverage around the eyes.
  • Ergonomic Fit: Tailored to provide a snug fit over existing eyewear without causing discomfort.
  • UV Protection: While primarily for night use, lenses may offer UV protection for twilight or overcast conditions.
  • Shatterproof Lenses: Designed to be impact-resistant, increasing safety in the event of an accident or dropping the glasses.

Power Requirements:

  • Non-Electronic: These glasses do not have electronic components and do not require a power source.
  1. Glare Reduction: The polarized, yellow-tinted lenses effectively reduce glare from headlights and street lamps, leading to a more comfortable and less fatiguing driving experience at night.
  2. Fit Over Prescription Glasses: They are designed to be worn over most standard prescription eyewear, which is a significant advantage for those who need corrective lenses.
  3. Durable Materials: TR90 for the frame material and TAC for the lenses means they are both lightweight and robust, designed to withstand minor impacts without breaking.
  4. Wrap-Around Design: This feature provides better peripheral vision and additional protection from side glare, which is beneficial in many driving situations.
  5. Versatility: While they are marketed for driving, these glasses are also suitable for other activities in low-light conditions, such as outdoor sports or fishing.
  1. Size Limitations: While they are meant to fit over prescription glasses, they may only accommodate some frame shapes and sizes, potentially limiting their usefulness for some individuals.
  2. Color Distortion: The yellow tint can alter the perception of colors, which might not be preferable or suitable for all users, especially in conditions where color discrimination is important.
  3. Not Suitable for Daylight Use: These glasses are specifically designed for low-light conditions and can impair vision if used during bright daylight hours.
  4. Limited Glare Elimination: They reduce glare but still need to eliminate it, which might not meet the expectations of those looking for a complete solution to headlight glare.

Remember, the effectiveness and suitability of the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses can vary greatly depending on the individual user’s needs, preferences, and the specific driving conditions they face.

Detailed About Fit Compatibility

Driving at night may make even-known routes feel frightening due to poor visibility. URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses are a novel solution to this prevalent problem, allowing prescription glasses wearers to see better and drive more confidently at night. These glasses are designed to fit over your eyewear and combine practicality and convenience.

Explain these spectacles’ concept and use:


Imagine easily turning your prescription glasses into a nighttime driving aid. The URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses reduce glare from oncoming vehicles and bright streetlights, improving nighttime driving. Their ingenious design lets them glide easily over your frames, and their ample inside space accommodates a wide range of prescription glasses. Let’s explore how these glasses can improve your nighttime journeys and how to maximize their benefits.

The URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses are meticulously designed to fit over most prescription eyewear, provided the dimensions of the prescription frames are within specific limits. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to ensure these night driving glasses will fit over your existing glasses and how to wear them correctly:

Fit Compatibility:

  • The night driving glasses have a maximum interior fit capacity, which means they can accommodate prescription frames that do not exceed 5.59 inches in width and 1.50 inches in height. This size compatibility is crucial because if your prescription glasses are too large, they won’t fit properly within the URUMQI frames, potentially causing discomfort or not offering the full benefits of the polarized night vision lenses.

Wearing Steps:

Step 1:

  • Begin by fully extending the temples of the URUMQI Night Driving Glasses. It means you should unfold them completely so they are straight and ready to be placed over your prescription frames.

Step 2:

  • Carefully position the night driving glasses over your prescription glasses, ensuring that the URUMQI glasses cover them from the outside. It is to ensure that the night vision lenses fully encompass your field of vision without obstruction from your prescription frames.


  • Once the URUMQI glasses are placed over your prescription lenses, you may need to adjust slightly to achieve the best fit. It could involve shifting the glasses up or down your nose, ensuring the temples are resting comfortably over your ears, or making sure the nose pads of both sets of glasses are not causing any discomfort.

By following these steps, you can maximize the effectiveness of the URUMQI polarized Night Driving Glasses, ensuring they provide optimal coverage and enhanced visual clarity. The proper fit is essential not only for comfort during extended wear but also for ensuring the anti-glare and polarizing features are correctly aligned with your line of sight.

URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses Comfortable

The URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses stand out because of its well-thought-out, ergonomic design. They’re not your average set of fit-over-night vision goggles; they have cutting-edge features like embedded nose pads, side lenses with air holes for anti-fogging, robust internal hinges, and non-slip rubber covers.

These glasses are designed for people who value high-quality vision in low light, and they are versatile enough to withstand everyday use and more strenuous activities in the great outdoors without sacrificing quality. Users as diverse as nighttime commuters and nature lovers will appreciate the high quality evident in their construction.


The URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses are designed with a range of features that aim to maximize comfort, functionality, and durability, ensuring a superior experience for the wearer, whether they are driving at night, engaging in outdoor activities, or simply looking for glare reduction in low-light conditions. Let’s delve into the details of each feature:

Embedded Nose Pads:

These glasses come with nose pads that are integrated into the design. They are crafted to sit comfortably on the nose without creating pressure points. It is particularly important during long drives where discomfort can be a distraction. The design ensures that the weight of the glasses is distributed evenly, avoiding the indentation marks that can sometimes be left by less thoughtfully designed eyewear.

Side Lens & Air Hole:

One of the unique aspects of these glasses is the inclusion of side lenses. These additional lenses improve peripheral vision, which is crucial for safety when driving, as it helps the wearer to see more of their surroundings. The air holes present in the side lenses serve a dual purpose: they further enhance peripheral vision and prevent the lenses from fogging up. It is a common issue with traditional over-glasses, especially when worn for extended periods or in fluctuating temperatures, but the air holes increase air circulation to mitigate this problem.

Sturdy Internal Hinge:

The hinge quality on a pair of glasses can significantly affect their longevity and ease of use. The URUMQI glasses feature a robust internal hinge design that prevents screws from loosening over time. It means that the glasses’ temples open and close smoothly without the frequent need for tightening, which is often associated with lesser hinge designs.

Non-Slip Rubber Covers:

Ensure the glasses remain stable during active use, such as sports or other activities. The glasses are equipped with non-slip rubber covers at the end tips. These covers increase friction between the glasses and the skin, helping to keep the glasses securely in place. It is a crucial feature to prevent the glasses from slipping off, ensuring they are not only useful for driving but also for outdoor activities where stability is key.

Together, these features make the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses a versatile pair of eyewear designed to provide comfort, clear vision, and durability, no matter the conditions or the duration of use.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses Review

Buying Guide

When considering purchasing a pair of URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses, there are several key factors to ensure that you make an informed decision that suits your needs. Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you through the process:

Understanding Night Vision Driving Glasses

Purpose: Night vision glasses are designed to reduce glare from oncoming traffic and improve contrast, making it easier to see the road in low-light conditions.

How They Work: These glasses often have a yellow tint and anti-reflective coating, which can enhance depth perception and reduce eye strain.

URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses: What to Look For

1. Lens Quality

  • Polarization: The URUMQI glasses should have polarized lenses to reduce glare effectively.
  • Color Tint: Yellow lenses are common for night driving glasses, but the exact shade can vary and affect visibility.

2. Fit and Comfort

  • Fit Over Prescription Glasses: Make sure the model you choose can comfortably fit over your existing glasses if necessary.
  • Adjustability: Check for adjustable features like nose pads or flexible arms to ensure a snug fit.

3. Frame Durability

  • Material: The glasses should be durable, like the URUMQI’s TR90 frame, to withstand daily use.
  • Design: A wraparound design can offer additional peripheral protection from glare.

4. Style

  • Aesthetics: While functionality is crucial, you’ll also want to choose glasses that match your style.
  • Variety: Consider the various color options and designs URUMQI offers to find your preference.

5. Use Cases

  • Driving Conditions: Ensure that the glasses suit the specific driving conditions you often face, such as urban versus rural roads.
  • Daytime Use: If you plan on using the glasses during the day, look for a pair that transitions well between different lighting conditions.

6. Brand Reputation and Reviews

  • Customer Feedback: Review user reviews to gauge common experiences and satisfaction levels.
  • Company Support: Look into the customer service and warranty options URUMQI provides.

7. Price

  • Budget: Determine your budget beforehand and weigh it against the features and benefits of the glasses.
  • Value for Money: Consider if the price aligns with the expected performance and longevity of the glasses.

8. Additional Features

  • UV Protection: While not a substitute for daytime sunglasses, some vision glasses offer UV protection.
  • Anti-Fog: This can be a useful feature in preventing the lenses from fogging up in changing temperatures.

Before the Purchase

Trial: Try on a pair to check for fit and comfort.

Compatibility Check: Measure your prescription glasses and compare them to the dimensions provided by URUMQI to ensure they will fit over them if needed.

Making the Purchase

Where to Buy: You can purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website, trusted online retailers, or specialized eyewear stores.

Return Policy: Be clear about the return policy if the glasses don’t meet your expectations.

By following this buying guide, you’ll be better equipped to select a pair of URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses that not only enhance your nighttime driving experience but also provide comfort and style. Remember, the right pair of night vision glasses can significantly contribute to a safer driving experience after dark.

Overview: A Glimpse into URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses Review

The unique URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses are ideal for drivers and outdoor enthusiasts who frequently navigate in poor light. HD polarized yellow lenses decrease traffic and streetlight glare, improving night vision and eye strain. Comfort and style are combined with a snug fit over prescription glasses thanks to the wrap-around design.

Frames of high-quality TR90 material are lightweight but strong enough for daily use. The side lenses improve peripheral vision and glare prevention, making them excellent for night driving, cycling, and fishing. These night vision glasses combine usefulness and style with a range of frame colors and the ability to fit over existing glasses.

Users appreciate the improved vision in misty, rainy, or cloudy circumstances and at night. Yellow lenses with anti-reflective coating improve contrast and protect the eyes. The URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses are a popular night-time vision device that enhances safety, comfort, and visibility.

Closing Statement: Embrace The URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses Review

For nighttime visibility and glare reduction, the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses. Their polarized yellow lenses decrease headlight glare and improve night vision, making night driving safer and more comfortable. Fitting over prescription glasses simplifies life for vision-impaired folks.

Complete peripheral light protection is provided by the wrap-around fit and side lenses. TR90 frame design and shatterproof lenses make these glasses robust, making them a good investment for occasional and frequent users. In low light, the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses provide clarity and comfort for driving, cycling, and outdoor sports.

Despite not removing glare and not being meant for daylight use, they work well. These glasses improve nighttime visibility and provide peace of mind.

Exploring Alternatives Related Products to URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses Review

Nighttime driving is more difficult due to the glare of headlights and decreased visibility. Night vision driving glasses are designed to reduce the glare from oncoming vehicles and increase visibility in low-light conditions. The Bokewy Polarized Glasses are the most well-known of these options, but there are plenty of others that are worth considering. The market provides various choices, whether you want greater durability, a certain lens technology, or a specific design. This little primer will familiarize you with a few alternatives to the Bokewy brand worth considering if you’re looking for a safer way to drive at night.

Bokewy Polarized Glasses:

  • Polarized Lenses: Minimizes glare and improves visual clarity.
  • Durable Design: Sturdy construction suitable for outdoor activities.
  • UV400 Protection: Offers complete UV protection.
  • Stylish Frame: Modern design that suits various face shapes.

KastKing Night Vision Glasses:

  • Yellow-Tinted Lenses: Enhances contrast for better night vision.
  • Lightweight Material: Easy to wear without discomfort.
  • Wraparound Design: Provides a wider field of vision.
  • Impact-Resistant: Suitable for sports and outdoor activities.

ZILLERATE HD Night Vision Glasses:

  • HD Clarity: Enhanced night vision with high-definition clarity.
  • Polarization: Reduces glare from headlights and streetlights.
  • Lightweight Frame: Comfortable for prolonged wear.
  • UV Protection: Protects eyes from harmful UV rays.

Related Questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses:

Q. Can the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses fit over any prescription glasses?

A. The URUMQI glasses are designed to fit over many prescription glasses. However, it is important to measure your frames and ensure they do not exceed the specified dimensions for a proper fit.

Q. Are the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses suitable for driving during the day?

A. No, these glasses are designed to enhance visibility in low-light conditions and at night. They are not recommended for daytime driving as they may alter the color and brightness of your environment.

Q. How do the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses help with glare?

A. The yellow-tinted, polarized lenses help to reduce glare from oncoming traffic and street lights, making it easier to see at night or in foggy, cloudy, or rainy conditions.

Q. Will the URUMQI glasses make everything yellow?

A. The yellow tint is designed to enhance contrast and reduce glare, but it will slightly alter color perception.

Q. Can I wear the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses if I don’t have a prescription?

A. Yes, these glasses can be worn by individuals without a prescription who wish to reduce glare and improve visibility at night.

Q. How do I clean my URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses?

A. Clean your glasses with a soft, dry cloth. For tougher stains, use a lens cleaning solution and avoid using abrasive materials that could scratch the lenses.

Q. Are the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses durable?

A. The glasses are made with a durable TR90 frame and thickened 1.1mm shatterproof TAC lenses, designed to be sturdy and long-lasting.

Q. Can these glasses help with headlight glare during rainy nights?

A. Yes, the polarized lenses can help reduce the glare from headlights, often exacerbated by the reflection off wet roads.

Q. Are the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses adjustable?

A. While the frame is not adjustable, it features a wrap-around design that aims to fit a wide variety of head shapes and sizes comfortably.

Q. Is there a warranty or return policy for the URUMQI Night Vision Driving Glasses?

A. The return policy and warranty depend on the seller’s terms and conditions. You should check with the retailer you are purchasing for specific details.

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