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Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular Review

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The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is introduced as one of the best thermal imaging devices available.

Designed with the severe observer or hunter in mind, it delivers the highest levels of performance and dependability. This in-depth analysis of its attributes and performance will help readers make a well-informed purchase decision.

High-Resolution Imaging:
The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is a high-resolution 384×288 microbolometer, allowing clear thermal imaging even in total darkness facilitating rapid object identification. The images on its 640×400 AMOLED screen are crisp and colorful. The monocular’s adaptability, performance, and thermal imaging capabilities have all been bolstered by including eight color palettes. The Axion 2 is a portable, high-tech thermal imaging solution.

Robust Construction:
The magnesium alloy casing of the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for use in the great outdoors. It is protected against water and severe weather thanks to its IPX7 rating. Because of this, it can function dependably in a wide range of ecosystems, from humid jungles to deserts.

Seamless Connectivity:
The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular’s built-in Wi-Fi makes it simple to connect to and share content from the device with other electronic gadgets. With its compatibility with the Stream Vision 2 App, the Axion 2 is even more user-friendly, allowing for remote operation and quicker data sharing.

Extended Detection Range:
Thanks to its extended detection range, the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is an excellent instrument for hunting, search and rescue, and surveillance. Its long range makes it possible to detect and track targets from a safe and convenient distance, enhancing the security and efficiency of a wide range of field applications.

Superior Audio Recording Technology:
With the built-in photo and video recording of the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular, users may easily capture and store crucial moments for later review, distribution, or record-keeping. The 16GB of internal capacity means you won’t have to worry about running out of storage while capturing an essential occasion because you took too many photos or videos.

Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular: Your Comprehensive Guide to Reviews and Buying Information

Your outdoor, surveillance, and hunting success depends on your choice of thermal monoculars. The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is a state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge capabilities, built for unparalleled efficiency and dependability. This complete buying guide was compiled to help you learn more about the features, benefits, and potential uses of the Pulsar Axion 2.

Explore the world of high-resolution imagery, sturdy build, seamless communication, and extended detection range with the Axion 2, and make an educated decision that improves your excursions and surveillance jobs. Learn how this cutting-edge monocular may help you achieve valued, practical, and dependable operational excellence by exploring its many features and benefits in various settings and circumstances. The search for the ideal thermal monocular friend begins here. The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular Buying Guide is here to aid your exploration, education, and final decision.

Key Points

  1. 384×288 Microbolometer: This advanced sensor captures detailed thermal images, ensuring efficient object detection even in total darkness.
  2. 640×400 AMOLED Display: Offers clear, crisp, and vibrant visuals, enhancing the user’s viewing experience.
  3. Eight Color Palettes: Enhance visibility in diverse conditions, aiding object recognition and adaptation to different environments.
  4. Magnesium Alloy Housing: Lightweight and durable, designed to withstand outdoor use, and easy to handle and carry.
  5. IPX7 Protection: Makes the monocular resistant to water and weather conditions, assuring reliable performance in diverse environments.
  6. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Allows easy connection to smartphones or other devices for seamless sharing of images and videos.
  7. Stream Vision 2 App Compatibility: Enables remote operation and easy data sharing, enhancing operational convenience.
  8. 1400+ Yard Detection: Ideal for covering large areas, hunting, search and rescue, and surveillance operations, allowing spotting and monitoring from significant distances.
  9. Built-in Photo and Video Recording: Capture and store significant moments for analysis, sharing, and record-keeping.
  10. 16GB Internal Memory: Ample images and video footage storage, ensuring space availability during crucial moments.
  11. Lightweight Design: This makes it a perfect companion for outdoor adventures.
  12. Long Battery Life: Ensures the device operates for up to 11 hours, offering reliability for extended use.


Ensure your outdoor, hunting, or surveillance activities have the best technology and convenience. Choose the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular for a comprehensive, efficient, and exceptional performance experience. Your path to superior visibility, connectivity, and durability culminates with the Pulsar Axion 2. Make the right choice today.

Rugged Magnesium Alloy Housing

The magnesium alloy body of the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular ensures its long life and user-friendliness. This small but dependable gadget can handle the elements and is perfect for use in the field, whether hunting or keeping an eye on things, because of its user-friendly construction. This thermal imager is a solid option for various applications.


The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular’s “Rugged Magnesium Alloy Housing” is a distinctive characteristic contributing to its dependable performance over various circumstances. Let’s look closer at this dwelling and examine its features:


The housing is crafted from a magnesium alloy, renowned for its remarkable strength and lightweight properties. Magnesium alloys are used in aerospace and automotive industries for their durability and weight advantages.


The magnesium alloy housing provides the Axion 2 with exceptional durability. It offers resistance against impact, wear, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring the monocular’s longevity and consistent performance. Users can rely on the Axion 2 in various challenging outdoor environments, from dense forests to rugged mountain terrains, without concern for damage or functional impairment.


Despite its robust construction, the magnesium alloy does not add excessive weight to the Axion 2. The lightweight nature of the material ensures the monocular is easy to handle, carry, and use for extended periods, preventing user fatigue and enhancing convenience in field operations.


The Axion 2’s housing is meticulously designed to enhance ergonomics. Its lightweight and compact structure ensures easy and comfortable handling, enabling users to operate the monocular seamlessly. The design facilitates smooth adjustments and positioning, allowing users to focus on observational tasks without struggling with the equipment.

Structural Rigidity:

The magnesium alloy housing provides the Axion 2 with high structural rigidity. This aspect ensures that the monocular maintains its shape and integrity even under physical stress, guaranteeing reliable performance and protection of the internal components.

Environmental Protection:

The robust housing contributes to the Axion 2’s IPX7 protection rating, safeguarding the monocular against water and dust infiltration. This protection ensures the monocular’s functionality in diverse weather conditions, from heavy rainfall to dust storms.

The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular’s durable magnesium alloy housing improves performance, dependability, and user experience. It makes the Axion 2 a reliable monocular for outdoor, hunting, and surveillance activities by ensuring its durability and ease of use.

Specifications Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular

When buying a thermal monocular, understanding its specifications is key. The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular stands out as a robust and feature-rich device, all encased in a sleek, sturdy frame. With a high-resolution microbolometer and notable detection range, it is a comprehensive tool for various outdoor and surveillance operations. Its cutting-edge technology ensures clear, detailed imaging and smooth connectivity, enhancing its functionality. In this section, we’ll delve deeper into the specifications of the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular, shedding light on its superior features and aiding potential buyers in making a well-rounded, informed decision.

  • Brand Name: Pulsar  
  • Model Name: Axion 2  
  • Package Weight: 1.01 Kilograms   
  • Item Weight: 0.8 Pounds   
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Microbolometer and Display: Microbolometer with a resolution of 384×288 AMOLED screen, 640 by 400 pixels
  • Offers sharp, detailed thermal snapshots.
  • Color Palettes: Offers eight color options for versatile imaging in various conditions.
  • Detection Range: Extensive 1400+ yard detection range for comprehensive area coverage and long-distance spotting.
  • Recording and Memory:
    • Built-in photo and video recording.
    • 16GB internal memory for ample storage of images and videos.
  • 11. Other Features:
    • High optical magnification and variable magnification from 2x to 8x.
    • Lightweight (0.6 lbs) operates for up to 11 hours with a Pulsar APS5 Li-ion battery.
    • Operating Temperature: -13F to 122F.
  • In the Box:

    Axion Thermal Imager, Li-Ion rechargeable battery,Battery charger,USB cable,Carrying case, Hand strap , Quick start guide , Lens cloth , Warranty card

  • Battery Life: Provides up to 11 hours of operation, ensuring it lasts through extended outings.
  • Battery Type: Uses a Pulsar APS5 Li-ion battery, known for reliability and long life.
  • App Compatibility: The Stream Vision 2 App allows for additional functionality, enhancing the use of the monocular through smartphone integration.

The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular stands out as a top choice for diverse applications, offering advanced imaging and a substantial detection range. Its rugged, lightweight design ensures durability and ease of use, making it a worthwhile investment for various users. Comprehensive knowledge of these specifications allows buyers to make an informed decision, ensuring the Axion 2 meets their unique needs and expectations.


  • High-Resolution Imaging: Clear, detailed thermal pictures are displayed in one of eight color palettes on a 384×288 microbolometer and 640×400 AMOLED screen.
  • Robust Construction:The IPX7 rating ensures uninterrupted operation in all weather conditions.
  • Advanced Connectivity: Wi-Fi support and app compatibility with the Stream Vision 2 make it easy to transfer files and operate from a distance.
  • Extended Detection Range: Long-range spotting and covering a large region with a wide detection range of over 1400 yards.
  • Integrated Recording Features: Capture important moments with the built-in camera and 16GB of storage space.


  • Price: Higher cost than basic monocular models, possibly making it less accessible for some users.
  • Learning Curve: It may take time for beginners to familiarize themselves with the advanced features and settings.
  • Battery Life: Continuous use of advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity may drain the battery faster.
  • Size and Weight: Despite its compact design, some users might find it slightly bulky or heavy for extended handheld use, potentially limiting its convenience for long-duration activities.
  • Limited Internal Storage: The 16GB internal memory is non-expandable, potentially limiting the amount of photo and video footage that can be stored, especially for users who plan to use the recording features extensively.

Despite the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular’s many high-tech features and sturdy build, prospective buyers should think carefully about the device’s price and make sure they are familiar with its menus and controls.

Small Pocket-sized Format

The mobility and ease of use of the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular are greatly improved by its compact, pocket-sized design. It is a solid thermal imaging tool and a handy and easy-to-carry device, thanks to its precise design that allows it to fit perfectly in one hand or a typical-sized pocket.


The monocular was designed to be as portable as possible. Hence, its diminutive form factor was a conscious choice. The Axion 2 is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for various surveillance and monitoring applications. You won’t have to sacrifice performance for mobility thanks to its fitting cutting-edge thermal imaging technology into a compact body.

The ergonomic grip position ensured by the design further improves the user experience by reducing the likelihood of hand fatigue during extended use. The Axion 2 is an excellent option for individuals who need high-quality thermal imaging on the go because of its focus on user comfort and convenience and its powerful performance. The ergonomic and well-considered layout guarantees that users will always have access to high-quality thermal imaging technology.

8 Color palette Enhances Viewing In Varying Conditions

The 8-color palette on the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular improves visibility in a wide range of lighting conditions.

The ideal visual output for any application or environment is guaranteed by carefully selecting colors in each palette. The advantages of the various color schemes are discussed in depth below:

  • White Hot:
    • Purpose: General viewing and versatility.
    • Benefits: Provides a classic, clear view suitable for various conditions and tasks.
  • Hot Black:
    • Purpose: Ideal for detecting wildlife at night.
    • Benefits: Offers optimal contrast for spotting and tracking animals in the darkness.
  • Red Monochrome:
    • Purpose: For long-range observation.
    • Benefits: Reduces eye strain over extended periods, preserving night vision capabilities.
  • Red Hot, Rainbow, and Ultramarine:
    • Purpose: Enhance temperature differences.
    • Benefits: These modes offer heightened temperature differentiation, making it easier to discern varying object attributes and ensuring detailed and rich imaging.
  • Violet:
    • Purpose: Faster object identification.
    • Benefits: The violet palette enhances the speed of object identification, aiding in quicker and more efficient observations.

The Axion 2’s customizable color schemes easily match any setting or activity. The Axion 2’s wide spectrum of color options gives users the best possible visual help in any situation, whether they’re trying to locate wildlife at night, make long-range observations, or swiftly identify items.

High Optic Magnification

With its maximum picture magnification in a compact size, the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular stands out.

It is an essential tool for in-depth research because it improves the clarity of faraway items. Using the monocular’s digital zoom feature, you may increase the already impressive optical magnification even more.


The high optic magnification of the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular surpasses all previous benchmarks for compact thermal imaging, allowing for unprecedented levels of detail to be observed. Users needing to identify objects or people from a distance may find this feature helpful. It will enable hunters to safely and accurately see and follow their game from a great distance. It helps with surveillance and search-and-rescue missions by allowing for distant identification of people and things.

The combination of optical and digital zoom improves the device’s performance. To ensure that viewers always have access to high-quality photographs, it permits zooming in on specific details without significantly degrading image quality. The Axion 2’s dedication to providing complete thermal imaging solutions that cater to a wide range of customer needs is highlighted by the inclusion of this capability. The ability to see distant objects and details well is crucial to the effectiveness of many outdoor and surveillance tasks beyond just being a matter of convenience.

Video and Still-Photo Recording

The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular goes beyond mere observation by offering advanced video and still-photo recording capabilities.

This feature enables users to capture and relive their statements, making it an ideal tool for documenting outdoor adventures, surveillance activities, and more.


Detailed Capture:

With built-in recording functions, the Axion 2 allows users to take high-resolution photos and videos of the thermal images they observe. This capability is invaluable for various applications, including wildlife monitoring, where documenting observations is essential for research and conservation.

Convenient Sharing:

The device’s seamless connectivity features make it easy for users to share their recorded images and videos. Through Wi-Fi and compatibility with the Stream Vision 2 App, users can effortlessly transfer files to other devices, ensuring that sharing observations with friends, family, or colleagues is hassle-free.

Adequate Storage:

Equipped with 16GB of internal memory, the Axion 2 provides ample storage space for numerous images and videos. Users won’t have to worry about running out of storage in the field, allowing them to focus more on their observation and less on managing storage space.

Versatile Application:

This recording feature enhances the Axion 2’s utility for various professional and recreational activities. Whether for security surveillance, hunting, or wildlife observation, the ability to record and store images and videos adds a new dimension to the thermal imaging experience, making the Axion 2 a comprehensive tool for many applications.

Stream​ Vision 2

To get the most out of your Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular or other related devices, download Stream Vision 2, an advanced program developed by Pulsar.

Here is a detailed description of the Stream Vision 2 app, highlighting its most useful functions and features:


Remote Operation: 

  • Control From Afar: Stream Vision 2 allows users to operate their Axion 2 Thermal Monocular remotely. This feature is especially useful when hands-free operation is necessary or more convenient.
  • Adjust Settings: Users can easily adjust the settings of their monoculars via the app, ensuring the device performs optimally for every viewing situation without needing physical interaction.

Effortless File Sharing:

  • Quick Transfer: Users can quickly and seamlessly share their captured thermal images and videos using the Stream Vision 2 app. This feature enhances the convenience of documenting and sharing observations.
  • Social Media Integration: The app allows for easy sharing to various social media platforms, enabling users to share their experiences with a broader audience.

Live Streaming:

  • Real-Time Viewing: Stream Vision 2 enables live streaming from the Axion 2 Thermal Monocular, allowing others to view thermal images in real time. This feature is invaluable for coordinated activities and events.
  • Multi-Platform Streaming: Users can stream to various devices, ensuring wide viewing options.

Firmware Updates:

  • Stay Up-To-Date: The app facilitates easy firmware updates for the Axion 2 Thermal Monocular, ensuring the device is always equipped with the latest features and improvements.
  • Hassle-Free Upgrades: Users don’t have to deal with cumbersome upgrade processes, as Stream Vision 2 makes firmware updates straightforward and user-friendly.

Integrated Mapping:

  • Geolocation Features: With integrated mapping, users can utilize geolocation features to enhance their outdoor and surveillance activities.
  • Mark and Navigate: Users can mark locations on the map and navigate effectively, enhancing the overall utility of the Axion 2 Thermal Monocular.

The Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is already an impressive piece of equipment. Still, with the addition of Stream Vision 2, its capabilities are greatly expanded, making it an even more useful tool for hunters, security guards, and other users. The app’s intuitive design and powerful features make it an essential accessory for everyone with a Pulsar device.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular

Buying Guide

The world of thermal monoculars is vast, with numerous models and features in the market. Among the top contenders, the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular stands out with its unique blend of innovative technology, compact design, and robust performance. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to spot wildlife at night, a professional in surveillance, or someone keen on exploring the outdoors, understanding what the Axion 2 offers is crucial. This buying guide highlights the key specifications, benefits, and considerations to help you determine if this is the right thermal monocular for you.

  • High-Resolution Imaging: With a 384×288 microbolometer and a 640×400 AMOLED display, the Axion 2 promises sharp, detailed thermal images.
  • Durable Construction: The magnesium alloy housing is lightweight and rugged, ensuring longevity. It’s also IPX7-protected, making it resistant to various weather conditions.
  • Connectivity: Seamless Wi-Fi integration and Stream Vision 2 App compatibility allow for easy file sharing and remote control.
  • Detection Range: A detection range exceeding 1400 yards ensures extensive area coverage, perfect for spotting from a distance.
  • Recording Capabilities: Built-in photo and video recording options are supported by a 16GB internal memory.
  • Ergonomics: Pocket-sized format ensures easy handling and portability.
  • Advanced Technology: From color palettes to high optic magnification, the device offers cutting-edge tech for optimal spotting.
  • Reputable Brand: Pulsar has been a trusted name in the optics industry, known for its quality and reliability.
  • Budget: While the Axion 2 is feature-rich, it’s essential to consider its price against your budget.
  • Use-case: The device is versatile, but understanding your primary need (e.g., hunting, surveillance, hiking) can influence your decision.
  • Battery Life: Ensure the device’s life matches your expected usage duration on the field.

The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is a top-tier device offering users an unparalleled thermal imaging experience. This guide has highlighted its standout features, but as with any investment, it’s essential to assess your personal needs and how the device matches them. Happy spotting!

Overview: A Glimpse into Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular

The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is a cutting-edge tool for professional and recreational thermal imaging use. Its high-tech features aid in hunting, animal monitoring, security, and SAR missions. This compact yet strong monocular’s high-resolution thermal imaging, large detection range, and easy communication make it an excellent choice for anyone needing trustworthy and effective thermal imaging equipment.

High-Resolution Imaging: Improve your ability to recognize targets at varied distances with the high-resolution imaging provided by the 384×288 microbolometer sensor and 640×400 AMOLED display—even in complete darkness.

Durable Construction: The Axion 2’s housing is made from magnesium alloy, which is both lightweight and strong, ensuring the device is portable and easy to handle. The IPX7 rating provides consistent operation in a wide range of environments.

Extended Detection Range: The Axion 2’s detection range is greater than 1400 yards, making it suitable for various tactical and outdoor uses, including vast area coverage and long-distance spotting.

Seamless Connectivity: Connectivity is a breeze thanks to the monocular’s built-in Wi-Fi and compatibility with the Stream Vision 2 app, which enables wireless file transfer and remote control.

Advanced Recording Capabilities: The 16GB of internal memory and the camera’s ability to take photos and videos mean that important moments and observations can be recorded and kept for later review and dissemination.

Compact and Ergonomic Design: The Axion 2 is the ideal portable unit for scouting and spotting thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, which allows it to fit neatly in one hand or a standard-size pocket.

Finally, the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is an outstanding thermal imaging tool. Combining high-resolution photos, a durable build, a wide detecting range, and smart recording capability. It is designed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of users in various settings. Its portability, simplicity, and well-thought-out design contribute to its high quality and popularity.

Final Thought: Embrace the Night with Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular

The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is an outstanding purchase for those searching for top-tier thermal imaging solutions. Its portability and lightweight don’t mean that it skimps on capabilities. It’s capable of high-resolution photography, a wide detecting range, and seamless networking. With its ability to provide crystal-clear, high-definition images in all weather.

The device is an indispensable companion for various outdoor and surveillance pursuits. The Axion 2 thermal monocular strikes a good combination of portability, durability, and cutting-edge features, making it a serious contender among your thermal monocular options.

Exploring Alternatives Related Products to Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular

The Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular is a portable, high-resolution thermal imaging tool with a 640×400 AMOLED display and 2x to 8x magnification. It’s built tough with a magnesium alloy housing, has an 11-hour battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, and 16GB memory for recording. Ideal for outdoor and tactical applications, it’s subject to export controls.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Monocular:

  • Resolution: High-resolution imaging.
  • Design: Rugged, compact, and suitable for outdoor use.
  • Features: Built-in color palettes, GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, onboard recording (in some models).

AGM Global Vision Thermal Monocular:

  • Sensor: High-resolution sensors.
  • Range: Long detection ranges.
  • Usability: User-friendly with ergonomic design and extended battery life.
  • Additional Features: Multiple color palettes, image and video recording capabilities (in some models).

Teslong Thermal Monocular:

  • Sensor: Good quality thermal sensor.
  • Interface: Easy to navigate.
  • Durability: Robust design.
  • Extras: Digital zoom, variety of color palettes, data transfer, and live streaming connectivity options.

Related Questions?

If you’re curious about Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular Riflescope, you might also be interested in these related questions:

Q. What is the resolution of the Pulsar Axion 2 Thermal Monocular?

A. The Pulsar Axion 2 features a 384×288 microbolometer and a 640×400 AMOLED display for clear and detailed thermal imaging.

Q. Is the Pulsar Axion 2 durable and weather-resistant?

A. Yes, the Pulsar Axion 2 is encased in a rugged magnesium alloy housing with IPX7 protection, ensuring it withstands various weather conditions.

Q. Does the Pulsar Axion 2 have Wi-Fi connectivity?

A. the Axion 2 offers Wi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with the Stream Vision 2 App for effortless file sharing and remote control.

Q. What is the detection range of the Pulsar Axion 2?

A. The Axion 2 boasts an extended detection range of over 1400 yards, suitable for extensive area coverage and long-distance spotting.

Q. Can the Pulsar Axion 2 record videos and images?

A. the Axion 2 has built-in photo and video recording capabilities with 16GB internal memory to capture significant moments.

Q. Is the Pulsar Axion 2 suitable for hunting and animal monitoring?

A. the Axion 2 is an excellent tool for hunting, animal monitoring, and other outdoor activities thanks to its advanced thermal imaging capabilities and robust construction.

Q. What is the battery life of the Pulsar Axion 2?

A. The Axion 2 offers a long-lasting battery life for extended use in the field, ensuring reliable performance during your activities.

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